Crystar and Hulcam Global Ltd can supply and install your new bathroom with services we provide direct to properties


  1. Fitting of taps and Crystar bathroom accessories
  2. Supply and fitting of bathroom cabinets
  3. Plumbing electrical services
  4. Electrical services flooring – Tiling, Laminated Flooring, Natural Wood Flooring, Stone
  5. Wall tiling – in hundred of different styles colours and designs
  6. Hand blower dryers
  7. Lighting – all types including energy saving units
  8. Doors and windows – we provide a full fitting services
  9. Flooring – Tiling, Laminated Flooring, Natural Wood Flooring, Stone
  10. Waste
  11. Services for the elderly and the infirm
  12. Fan assisted ventilation for removing odours
  13. Delivery services
  14. We offer a money saving cash and carry service simply buy
  15. We can supply all types of shower curtains and rails shower mixer heads
  16. Sm0ke alarms
  17. Bathroom cleaning materials – with our experience we can supply you easy and cost effective items to keep your investment sparkling and hygienic


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