25 Highest Paying Jobs In America Glassdoor

25 highest paying jobs

Dental Hygienists join that esteemed group of associate’s-degree occupations that can earn a high salary and relative job security. In fact, there aren’t nearly enough hygienists to keep up with market demand – the job is expected to grow by 20% over the next decade, by more than 40,000 jobs. While they don’t have the expertise of dentists, hygienists do most of the heavy lifting and interaction with patients, so it’s a good job for people who like working directly with people.

25 highest paying jobs

Pediatricians, physicians who specifically treat children, make less than internists and general practitioners, although they’re still among the highest-paid professionals. These general practitioners perform checkups and exams for younger patients, treat common ailments, and administer immunizations.

Is College Worth It?

An advanced practice nursing speciality, nurse anesthetists do pretty much what anesthesiologists do – administer anesthesia, monitor vitals – but they are required to do it under the supervision of a medical doctor. A master’s degree and a certification are required to work as a nurse anesthetist, and nurse anesthetists are generally expected to do the work of nurses as well, including aftercare. This highest paying job without a degree involves all activities relating to the planning and coordination of distribution, transportation, or storage. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers are responsible for directing these activities in accordance with government regulations and organizational policies. Tasks include planning and implementing warehouse safety, supervising shipping, receiving, storing, and testing of products, and integrating logistics with business operations.

Many people working in this field simply have a bachelor’s degree plus years of experience. Even after obtaining a graduate degree, there are many different cyber security certifications offered by different organizations that are highly prized within the field. There are not too many graduate programs in data analysis, but the number of schools that do offer a degree in data analysis at the masters level is growing. It’s important to note that reaching a six-figure salary in this field often takes many years of experience in addition to the master’s degree.

Additional administrative tasks may include filing expense accounts and analyzing sale statistics. If you’ve got a creative touch, and would love working in the entertainment industry, this job might be the perfect fit for you. Theater makeup artists need a postsecondary non-degree certificate in order to get into the field, which will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge and land your first job in the field. Power plant operators maintain 25 highest paying jobs and operate machinery in power plants that generate electricity and distribute power between generators. They control the voltage levels throughout the day as consumer needs fluctuate. Similar to power distributors and dispatchers, operators will need on-site training and experience in order to work in the field. These workers, otherwise known as powerhouse electricians, inspect, maintain, and fix all machinery involved in power-generating stations.

To embark on the most lucrative career possible in financial management, it is important to get an MBA degree. Many universities offer master’s degrees in chemical engineering, as there is a high level of demand for these degrees. This is because most chemical engineers need to obtain graduate degrees in order to advance in their professions.

What careers make the most money 2020?

Here are the top 25 best-paying jobs of 2020, according to U.S. News & World Report. 1. Anesthesiologist. Mean salary: $267,020 per year.
2. Surgeon. Mean salary: $255,110 per year.
3. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Mean salary: $242,370 per year.
4. Obstetrician and gynecologist.
5. Orthodontist.
6. Psychiatrist.
7. Physician.
8. Prosthodontist.
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One way to get your foot in the door of show business is to become an equipment worker. Experience in electrical installation and repairs will be a plus, but you can also receive on-site training. This position includes installing, maintaining, and fixing elevators, as well as escalators, moving walkways, chair lifts, and other sorts of machinery.

Per Diem Nursing: Balancing A Nursing Career With Parenthood

You also have the choice of attending a Federal Aviation Administration approved flight school. Air traffic controllers work with the National Airspace System by coordinating the movement of air traffic and making certain that planes remain at a safe distance from each other. With no prior experience, applicants must have three years of full time work, a bachelors degree or a combination of both in order to attend an aviation/airway management and operations college.

  • These workers help children with dressing and feeding and supervise them throughout the day.
  • In general, however, a financial controller’s overarching responsibility is to ensure that the budget set forth for their department is followed to the letter to eliminate any excess expenses for their company.
  • This job requires supervisory skills, as IT managers frequently direct and oversee the work of other department professionals like systems analysts, software developers, and support specialists.
  • Flight engineers do preflight checks, monitor the plane’s cabin pressure, assess how much fuel is being burned, and perform other important duties.

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Business And Information Technology

Having more money than you know what to do with is a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem. Financial advisors come to the rescue for families who need help sorting out finances after the death of a loved one, making investment decisions, managing retirement, and more. At least a bachelor’s degree is necessary to get a job as a financial advisor, but more specialized master’s or certificate work can help you stand out on the job market. More schooling can also give you the confidence to strike out on your own as an independent consultant, or help you start your own firm. Speech-Language Pathologists are trained in diagnosing and treating issues that affect speech and swallowing, from stroke and Parkinson’s in adults, to hearing loss and autism in adults and children. To become a speech-language pathologist, you will need at least a master’s degree in the field to learn the foundations of speech pathology, and the treatments you will be using.

These professionals often work in high-stress situations that may include extended work hours. Like other physicians, general internal medicine doctors must complete medical school and obtain state licensure before they can practice. Most work full time in hospitals or private practice, although some may work within large research centers. Family medicine physicians work in private or group practice, although some assume roles in hospitals and treatment centers. Family medicine physicians need strong interpersonal skills and must hold advanced medical degrees. Anesthesiologists work full-time in healthcare facilities, like hospitals and other inpatient treatment centers. These professionals need strong precision and dexterity skills and must thrive under pressure.

Career Options: The 25 Highest Paying Jobs In America For 2018

We help leaders and future leaders in the health care industry work smarter and faster by providing provocative insights, actionable strategies, and practical tools to support execution. To kick off the new decade, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 highest-paying jobs in the US, along with the highest-paying large and small metros for each job. You won’t need a license for this job, but you may want to look into obtaining various certifications, to show that your skills are up to date. After all, buildings, factories and homes are always going up, which means pipes are needed — and somebody’s septic system will always back up or a basement will flood. Old buildings’ pipes often need to be retrofitted to meet energy efficiency standards. Many insurance sales agents have a college degree, but you may not need one.

25 highest paying jobs

Nuclear techs work in nuclear power plants and use computers and other equipment to monitor and run nuclear reactors. This job offers competitive pay, but keep in mind that it’s on the decline, which means poor job security in the future. Both x-rays and MRIs are diagnostic tools that help physicians and patients understand what is going on inside the body. Techs are the workers who actually run the tests and work with physicians to get the information needed in order to make a diagnosis and treat patients.

Some form of training academy will be necessary for the job, varying according to your country and state. Also known as patrol sergeants, police captains, or police sergeants, these important people in the law enforcement crew manage, supervise, and coordinate the activities of the police force. As a police sergeant, your job will be to make sure that all police procedures and activities are going according to the law. This position requires just a high school diploma, or the equivalent, and lots of on-the-job training. Health care professions made up six of the top normal balance and five of the top 10. Fill out the form below to learn more about how to use data to find the highest paying jobs currently in your area. Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey program to identify the highest paying jobs in America.

It’s easy for laypeople to say there are too many lawyers, but that’s willfully forgetting just how critical lawyers are for just about every aspect of business, government, entertainment, healthcare, and more. Lawyers protect the accused from injustice, keep businesses on the straight and narrow, help families manage their assets in life transitions, and provide legal counsel when someone has been wronged. Lawyers need a Juris Doctor degree and licensure from their state Bar Association to practice, and their long hours, high stress, and big responsibility is repaid in retained earnings a high median salary. Besides a lot of study and several years of higher education, it’s a job that very few people really have the mind for. For those who can do the math, an actuary is one of the best jobs out there for job security, workload, and pay rate. Since it’s a challenging niche, there are never enough actuaries, meaning a well-trained actuary can pretty much write their own ticket. Physician assistants make up one of the most crucial aspects of the healthcare system, because in many cases they are the difference between medical care and no medical care.

25 highest paying jobs

Pharmacists are responsible for mixing, measuring and dispensing prescribed medications. They also need to be able to control the medications in their pharmacy, especially opioid medications that have many legal restrictions. In addition, a pharmacist must advise patients on how to use their medications in a healthy way.

The position is high in demand in big, cosmopolitan cities like New York, Washington D.C., and L.A. Finance managers make a median base salary of $94,862, and are hottest in demand in N.Y. If you want to move into a different field of study, then you should evaluate your goals. Find out what master’s degree will help you make a shift into the career you want to pursue. Focus on programs that work with your goals and help you gain a higher position in your career. Generally, you want to start with looking into the programs that fit your current job situation. Look into accredited programs that advance your studies based on your previous education.

The report also dived into how many openings there are for each role on the firm’s website. While there are nearly 8,000 listings for product managers, it might be tough to land a role as an information systems manager, given the mere 147 openings on Glassdoor.

Furthermore, the industry requires a high level of skill, so it offers a reasonable income. Statistics involves using mathematical principles to collect, analyze, and present numerical data. Statisticians may work either in the public or private sector, often finding employment in government, education, healthcare, or research and development. They use their skills in a variety of ways, including designing surveys and experiments, analyzing and processing collected data, drawing conclusions, and presenting final results in a logical manner. This data is often used to support and improve policy or business decisions. Statisticians most commonly work in an office environment, and they may occasionally collaborate on teams with engineers, scientists, or other professionals, depending on the nature of their work. Some public relations and fundraising managers work as independent consultants, while others act as in-house experts for large businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations.

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